Tableland Blue

Tableland Blue premium grass-fed beef is raised on the fertile volcanic soils of the Atherton Tablelands. Reliable rainfall and tropical climate, allows us to grow quality nutritious grass all year-round. This is valued by our group of likeminded family-owned producers who supply Tableland Blue Beef.

The ability to locally produce and process our beef reduces animal stress and promotes better animal welfare.

The result is tender, high quality, tasty red meat.

Our Difference

The ability to breed, fatten and process our own cattle through our family-owned abattoir provides us with a unique opportunity to practically implement and refine the principles of meat science. This allows us to consistently produce high quality red meat with great eating quality.

Byrnes Meats Quality Assurance is a series of standard operating procedures and assessments that we have created in-house to ensure consistency in quality. The keys attributes that we use for our BQMA assessment include animal stress, pH, meat colour, fat characteristics, ossification, and minimum aging requirement.

These attributes are assessed at different stages of processing: