Fish & Seafood


At Byrne’s Quality Meats, our specialty is meat and poultry but we also stock a great range of Australian fish and seafood.  All our fish and seafood have ocean free taste and a firm texture which gives a great reputation for quality.

With Byrnes Meat, you will find a selection of guaranteed smoked fish delicacies and fresh fish fillets. Fish lovers will appreciate our will appreciate our wide range of frozen fish. As the online buying of fish becomes more popular, we believe that you will not find a better supplier of fresh fish than Byrnes.

We know and we understand the importance of great produce. So we at Byrnes Quality Meats, we stock only the freshest and best fish available.

Our great range of fish helps make Byrnes Quality Meats your one-stop shop for meat, fish and even groceries!


There is more to seafood than fish: check out our wide range of snap frozen seafood including prawns, crabs, bugs, mussels, scallops, octopus and calamari.