There can be nothing more delicious than pork with crispy crackling deliciousness.

At Byrnes Meat, we have got the perfect pork cut for you.

Tasty and tender. Byrnes pork is guaranteed to be lean and full of flavours. The understated flavour of the pork is a great match for a lot of food preparation and sauces making it a versatile choice for entertaining. Our fresh pork is cut and frozen to preserve its freshness.

As pork continues to grow in popularity, more and more producers have rediscovered that marble is the flavour. Byrnes pork products adhere to strict standards. Should you need a country rib style, frenched rack or any other pork special cuts, just let us know and we will take care of your needs.
Our selection of pork products also include assortment of delicious items such as hams, sausages and many others.