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Simple Crocodile Curry

For those people who love exotic foods, Byrnes Meat is proud to offer crocodile meat. Get adventurous in the kitchen and explore the hot new exotic meat, crocodile.  Sustainably harvested in the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland, crocodile is surprisingly tasty, tender and versatile.

If you are keen to expand your meat reportoire, crocodile and our other exotic meats will take your cooking to new, exciting places.

With the popularity of masterchef and other cooking shows, Australians are increasingly interested in trying new meats such as crocodile: gone are the days when beef, pork and chicken were the only meats available. With Byrnes Quality Meats, you can find exotic meat of rich flavor and high nutritional value.

One of the best to try is crocodile meat: ideal as an appetizer or for entrees, Byrnes will provide you with the finest quality of crocodile meat.
Crocodile goes great with asian recipes too: for inspiration try Simple Crocodile Curry


Our Crocodile is all sourced from Cairns crocodile farms: assuring you the best of locally and ethically produced crocodile meat.

Our specialty is the crocodile tail fillets.

You might also find this Guide to Crocodile Cuts useful in understanding where different crocodile meat cuts come from.

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