Beef - Wholesale MeatsAs butchers, we are big fans of beef – in fact we specialise in quality Australian beef.. Byrnes Meat has supplied Queensland beef for 50 years, and most of the beef we produce ourselves on the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns.  is proud to feature a full line of center of items for you and we are proud to offer our specialty – BEEF.
There are some differences in the quality of beef depending on the farming method and the breeding. Given that Australian beef is considered as one of the best tasting in the world, we stand behind our selected beef products as the best you can purchase. With over 5 decades in the industry, Byrnes meats have mastered how to select a best quality meat and skillfully cut and trim it to your specifications.
We carry only prime quality Australian  beef. We know and we understand the importance of aging beef. We assure that our beef are dry aged for a minimum of 15 days before they are cut. If there is something that you want and you don’t see, Byrnes guarantees to get you want and deliver a quality product for you.
All of our beef cuts come from specifically selected grass fed cattle bred and grown in Australia.

Beef Cuts - Wholesale Meats