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Byrnes’  Bulk Meats Packages – buy bulk & $ave

As one of Australia’s leading bulk meat suppliers, Byrnes Quality Meats are geared to delivering great value bulk meat packages for your family, sporting team or business.  We offer choices of great local beef and other Australian meat.  Check out our bulk meat packs or contact us for a custom order.

Our Bulk Meat Packages include a mix of different meat types:

Byrnes Meats also make their own Smallgoods  and stock Exotic Meats and Groceries


Wholesale Meats

Crocodile Meat


Crocodile meat recipes

Simple Crocodile Curry

For those people who love exotic foods, Byrnes Meat is proud to offer crocodile meat. Get adventurous in the kitchen and explore the hot new exotic meat, crocodile.  Sustainably harvested in the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland, crocodile is surprisingly tasty, tender and versatile.

If you are keen to expand your meat reportoire, crocodile and our other exotic meats will take your cooking to new, exciting places.

With the popularity of masterchef and other cooking shows, Australians are increasingly interested in trying new meats such as crocodile: gone are the days when beef, pork and chicken were the only meats available. With Byrnes Quality Meats, you can find exotic meat of rich flavor and high nutritional value.

One of the best to try is crocodile meat: ideal as an appetizer or for entrees, Byrnes will provide you with the finest quality of crocodile meat.
Crocodile goes great with asian recipes too: for inspiration try Simple Crocodile Curry


Our Crocodile is all sourced from Cairns crocodile farms: assuring you the best of locally and ethically produced crocodile meat.

Our specialty is the crocodile tail fillets.

You might also find this Guide to Crocodile Cuts useful in understanding where different crocodile meat cuts come from.

Crocodile Meat CutsImage Source: http://img.21food.com/20110609/product/1305544255906.jpg

Fish & Seafood


At Byrne’s Quality Meats, our specialty is meat and poultry but we also stock a great range of Australian fish and seafood.  All our fish and seafood have ocean free taste and a firm texture which gives a great reputation for quality.

With Byrnes Meat, you will find a selection of guaranteed smoked fish delicacies and fresh fish fillets. Fish lovers will appreciate our will appreciate our wide range of frozen fish. As the online buying of fish becomes more popular, we believe that you will not find a better supplier of fresh fish than Byrnes.

We know and we understand the importance of great produce. So we at Byrnes Quality Meats, we stock only the freshest and best fish available.

Our great range of fish helps make Byrnes Quality Meats your one-stop shop for meat, fish and even groceries!


There is more to seafood than fish: check out our wide range of snap frozen seafood including prawns, crabs, bugs, mussels, scallops, octopus and calamari.


Veal - Cairns Wholesale meatsLike the other Byrnes Meat products, our Australian veal is sourced from the finest quality to serve only the best for you.

Should you look for velvety smooth texture of grass fed veal or a more competitive product, we are sure that you will find what you need in our selection of great deals of veal products. We offer a wide range of veal with the superb taste and velvety smooth texture which veal is renowned for.  You will love our tender and unmistakably flavored veal.

Byrnes Quality Meats carry a great our selection of popular veal cuts, and we can cut veal to your specifications.  If you need bulk veal cuts please contact us to organise exactly what you need.


Poultry - WholesalePoultry in all shapes and sizes

All natural – Our winning poultry products will definitely keep you wishing for more. We guarantee that once you have tried our products, you would not want to go for any other chicken.

Our specialty poultry are carefully selected for the best flavour and quality. Those who love variety in poultry can opt from our variety of fresh poultry products including turkey, chicken and duck. Byrnes’ boneless chicken breast is carefully trimmed for you to get the best grill ready chicken breast. Along with this chicken breast, we offer a variety of other chicken such as wings, thighs and even whole chicken to suit your cooking recipes.

We also offer skinless chicken which is actually one of the customers’ favourite as it is breathtakingly delicious!



There can be nothing more delicious than pork with crispy crackling deliciousness.

At Byrnes Meat, we have got the perfect pork cut for you.

Tasty and tender. Byrnes pork is guaranteed to be lean and full of flavours. The understated flavour of the pork is a great match for a lot of food preparation and sauces making it a versatile choice for entertaining. Our fresh pork is cut and frozen to preserve its freshness.

As pork continues to grow in popularity, more and more producers have rediscovered that marble is the flavour. Byrnes pork products adhere to strict standards. Should you need a country rib style, frenched rack or any other pork special cuts, just let us know and we will take care of your needs.
Our selection of pork products also include assortment of delicious items such as hams, sausages and many others.


Lamb – a favorite meat

Lamb MeatIt is no secret that lamb is one of the most dynamic plate options.  Byrnes Quality Meats stock a full range of Australian lamb for your family or to serve in your restaurant, resort, boat or business catering.  We proudly offer premium and hard to find cuts for you to enjoy the tender delight and unique flavor of Australian lamb. We also provide lamb cut to your specifications. Whether you need that bone length lamb, eye size or frenched lamb rack, you just have to let us know and we can supply lovely lamb dressed to your specifications.
Our top quality lamb cuts are among the best in the industry and we stock a wide range of cuts to suit your preferred cooking style.
We can also provide lamb brains.Cuts of Lamb



Beef - Wholesale MeatsAs butchers, we are big fans of beef – in fact we specialise in quality Australian beef.. Byrnes Meat has supplied Queensland beef for 50 years, and most of the beef we produce ourselves on the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns.  is proud to feature a full line of center of items for you and we are proud to offer our specialty – BEEF.
There are some differences in the quality of beef depending on the farming method and the breeding. Given that Australian beef is considered as one of the best tasting in the world, we stand behind our selected beef products as the best you can purchase. With over 5 decades in the industry, Byrnes meats have mastered how to select a best quality meat and skillfully cut and trim it to your specifications.
We carry only prime quality Australian  beef. We know and we understand the importance of aging beef. We assure that our beef are dry aged for a minimum of 15 days before they are cut. If there is something that you want and you don’t see, Byrnes guarantees to get you want and deliver a quality product for you.
All of our beef cuts come from specifically selected grass fed cattle bred and grown in Australia.

Beef Cuts - Wholesale Meats

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